Daily situation update

  • 2 752 Number of PCR tests performed

    Per 100.000 inhabitants: 434

  • 141 People tested positive for COVID-19

    Per 100.000 inhabitants: 22,21

    Positivity rate in %: 5,13

    Reproduction rate: 1,06

  • 22 Hospitalizations

    Normal care: 17
    Intensive care: 5

    New deaths: 0
    Total deaths: 842

  • 1 049 Vaccinations per day

    Dose 1: 674
    Dose 2: 375

  • 802 808 Total vaccines administered

    Dose 1: 427 924
    Dose 2: 374 884

It should also be noted that the statistics reported each day always correspond to the situation of the previous day.
Source: Ministry of Health
Next update: 25.10.2021

Under the law on the mandatory reporting of infectious diseases, laboratories are required to report test results for certain infectious diseases within specified time limits. Thus, PCR test results regarding a COVID-19 infection must be sent to the Health Inspectorate Division within one day. Nevertheless, delays longer than one day may occur and laboratories may send some PCR test results with a delay of several days. As a result of this catching-up on tests, retrospective corrections are made to the statistics presented on the www.covid19.lu website.

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