Notify your CovidCheck system

The CovidCheck system is a system applicable to private persons and private or public establishments (e.g. restaurants, bars, fitness centres, shops, administrations, businesses etc.) or events (e.g. sporting events, concerts, etc.) open to the public, where entry is reserved exclusively for people (customers, guests, spectators, staff, supervisors) who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative (certificate with QR code or certified by authorised staff of the national education system). Children under 12 years and 2 months of age are exempt from presenting a COVID-19 test certificate. 

If you want to invite more than 10 people without the need to wear a mask, the 2-metre distance between people or the obligation to assign seats, you must opt for the CovidCheck system.

Attention! Any company or public institution that has decided to use the CovidCheck system in its premises or part of them must notify the competent authorities by filling in the form below.

CovidCheck form

Checklist for events with more than 2,000 people


Our association or company would like to organise a barbecue party but without a caterer. Is this possible? And can we plan activities for the children?

Yes, but only if you opt for the CovidCheck system. With the CovidCheck system, you can do the grilling yourself and you can also organise activities for the children. The CovidCheck system allows you to organise an event without having to comply with any restrictions, although these are still strongly recommended. Children under 12 years and 2 months of age do not need to be tested or show a negative test certificate. 

We are professional conference organisers. May we offer a CovidCheck solution to our costumers?


We are professional psychologists and would like to organise a seminar/training session under the CovidCheck system. Is this possible? Can we offer drinks and food to our participants?


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