Between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., movements of people in the public space are prohibited.

Exceptions to this rule: Travel

  1. with a view to their professional activity or to training or teaching 
  2. for medical consultations or the provision of health care which cannot be postponed or provided at a distance 
  3. for the purchase of medicines or health products 
  4. for compelling family reasons, for assistance and care for vulnerable or precarious persons or for childcare 
  5. in response to a judicial, police or administrative summons  
  6. to or from a railway station or airport in connection with a trip abroad 
  7. in connection with transit on the motorway network
  8.  within a radius of one kilometre of the place of residence for the needs of pets 
  9. in case of force majeure or situation of necessity 

Under no circumstances may these journeys give rise to a gathering.

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