Restaurants, bars and cafés

From 7 April 2021, restaurants, bars and cafés can welcome the public from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Accommodation establishments may also receive guests under the same conditions.

However, this option is subject to strict limitations:

Only outside areas are open to the public.

Only seated places are allowed and consumption is only possible at the table. 

Each table can only accommodate a maximum of 2 people unless the people are members of the same household. 

Tables should be separated by at least 1.5 metres or by a barrier or any physical separation to limit the risk of infection. 

The wearing of a mask is compulsory for the customer when not seated at the table and for the staff in direct contact with the customers. 

Take-away, drive-through and home delivery are still possible. The same applies to room service for hotels.

School and university canteens are subject to separate rules. Company canteens and non-profit social restaurants for the disadvantaged may offer take-away services.


I am a restaurant owner and I have a covered porch. Can I welcome customers there?

Porches are spaces attached to a house and in general enclosed by glass panes. Thus, they are not open-air like outside areas and can therefore only be used by customers if all the windows are open.

I am a café/restaurant owner and I have an outside area. Can I install protections against the sun, rain or wind?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to provide such protections as long as they do not hinder the free air circulation and allow for natural ventilation of the space. A tent (or other closed dwelling) set up in front of the premises is considered an extension of the premises and cannot be used as an outside area. 

Is it allowed to smoke on the outside area?

Yes. Smoking is not authorised inside restaurants or cafés, but it is allowed on outside areas.

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