The vaccination is the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases. It allows us to protect ourselves and our fellow citizens. Thanks to the joint efforts of the global medical community, we are now fortunate to have access to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. This is an essential element in the fight against COVID-19 and will help us stem the pandemic and its effects on our health and society.

Luxembourg's COVID-19 vaccination strategy supports access to and availability of safe and effective vaccines as soon as they are made available on the market.

This will mitigate the health, social and economic consequences of the COVID 19 pandemic. The vaccine will help save lives and make the best use of our resources.

It remains important to follow hygiene rules and wear a mask during the implementation of the vaccination strategy.

Where can I get vaccinated?

Anyone who is 18 and above (12 and above for messenger RNA vaccines) has the opportunity, under certain conditions, to register online on one of the waiting lists and express their interest in being voluntarily vaccinated against COVID-19. To register, visit In addition, since 2 August you can get vaccinated in some physicians' and pediatricians' offices. The "Impf-Bus" will be present at several events and will offer vaccination on the spot.

Vaccination strategy

In an initial phase, the vaccine was not available in sufficient quantities to allow for the simultaneous vaccination of all residents. It was therefore necessary and legitimate to prioritise according to the objectives of the vaccination strategy, i.e.

  1. protect the most vulnerable residents (based on their age or health status) from the risk of complications from the disease and from the risk of death, and
  2. protect the capacity of our health care system.

Until 7 July 2021, the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg managed to send an invitation for vaccination against COVID-19 to every resident of Luxembourg who was eligible for vaccination.

All residents who have not yet been vaccinated, as well as cross-border workers and Luxembourg citizens residing abroad, now have the opportunity to register via in one or several of 3 lists for one of the 2 viral vector vaccines or for an mRNA vaccine.

Situation update

  • 715 151 Total vaccines administered

  • 394 370 Total dose 1

  • 320 781 Total dose 2

  • 4 637 Vaccinations per day

    Dose 1: 598
    Dose 2: 4 039

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