Summary of product characteristics and package leaflet

The vaccines utilized in Luxembourg to help preventing COVID-19 disease have been thoroughly assessed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and consequently been approved by the European Commission (EC).

To allow insight into all the information available for the vaccines, the EMA has published a set of important data pertaining to it, including the package leaflet. Following are the various links to the vaccines being distributed in Luxembourg. If you click on the links, you are directed to a dedicated product page on the EMA website. If you scroll down to the heading "Product Information" and click on the respective language (available in 24 different languages), a PDF opens in a new page. In this PDF, you will have access to the package leaflet by scrolling down to section ANNEX III B.

Biontech Pfizer / Comirnaty

Comirnaty | European Medicines Agency (


Spikevax | European Medicines Agency (


Vaxzevria | European Medicines Agency (


COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen | European Medicines Agency (


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